Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The end is almost here!!!!!

             The passion projects are almost done and I am happy to say I have an answer to my question.Through out my time the most interesting thing I have learned is  how words where developed.Over time we have developed and changed to be able to talk.I also have found how we talk, using are mouths to create sounds and words.To be ready by June 10 I will need to  put all my ideas into a presentation.Meaning computer time is gratefully needed to complete this, but I will need to plan to work at home as well.I will keep it updated when the presentation is done and I hope that this project will interest everyone.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Looking forward

The Search for Word

The search for the answer is still on. I have been researching and found some answers but it seems that this is going to be very hard search. I can tell you that people them self don't even know for sure, but I am determined to find an answer of this growing passion of mine.What I can tell you is that words are not created they are evolved.
  This journey is tough and the research is broad, so I will work to further research and come back next week with some clues or hints to where words come from.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Day one-PassionProject

Have you ever said something and wondered how in the world someone came up with that? I know I have wondered this for years. I will focus on the creation of words at the beginning of time.I plan  to show a power point of the creation of words so kids and grown ups with the same passion can open up there minds. I hope to learn new things about words and finally answer my burning question of how words are created.Finally I wish you all will be very interested in my findings as I go along my way in my passion project.